Precious Moments girls

These girls are my family girls: The darkest hair girl is Hannah, my DD#1 who is 6. She loves "all creatures great and small".

Girl with Mouse files

This is a girl from my last post, who represents DD#2, Wiggles, who is 18 months. A happy child, just learning (and LOVING) to run!

Girl Running files

Finally, this is me as a child. It's funny how we're all so different! Wiggles is blonde and blue eyed; Hannah is dark brunette with hazel-blue eyes, and I was a light brunette child.

Girl with Rainbow files

Hope you enjoy! These are my bigger files, with scut, svg and jpg to support your use!


  1. Wow! I just found your blog, and am very impressed! These are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. What do you cut your Precious Moment character from? Is it from Cricut? If so, where can I purchase the cartridge?