Thanks, Enfys!

Apparently I was having problems with my comment submission, and it's now fixed (I think!) Thanks, Enfys, for letting me know. I always wondered why I had so few but a relatively popular download rate! Thanks for all who take the trouble to leave a comment, I love reading them and feel appreciated!


  1. You have the neatest blog, I will be back for help with SCAL's.
    I just started a blog. Have no followers, yet. I made a card
    with Pretty Pony for my niece. Got it on free clipart.

  2. YEESSSS! Good, hope you get loads of comments now, your work is super.
    Enfys x

  3. Oh thank you, Enfys - I've been trying to leave comments for weeks! Thank you for sharing all your talent!


  4. I love your site! Your video was so helpful! I too had trouble sending you a comment before-you have great ideas!

  5. Thanks for your tuturial videos, I have just started playing around with inskcape and thanks to your and a couple of other people out there i have made my very first Svg file! I have created Wubbzy and Kai Lan check them out! THANK YOU!!!!