Stretch the Dragon!

Here's a sneak peak at a layout I'm working on, and the dragon that goes with it!

I'm doing up my girls' fairy pictures from last year, and the whole album has a fairy tale type theme. Lots of Tinker Bell used, but Hannah Montana too -- but no suitable dragon! So, here's Stretch! She's based on a Teresa Wentzler design, which is a freebie available here. While TW's design is freely reproducible, I would appreciate it you do not share my svg, but direct others who want it to my blog instead.

Anyhow, Stretch is also painted on my front hallway arch. I love her :-) I'm pretty happy with how she fits in with the Hannah Montana icons, too. Enjoy!

Here's the sneak peak of the companion side, with HM cuts.

I think Stretch the dragon matches the pegasus nicely! Download her before but be warned: she's LONG! I cut her at 10" by 1.25". Also, she does not shadow well except at 1 and 1.5; she does blackout nicely though! More dragons later, and the completed Fairy scrapbook in a couple weeks! Thanks for dropping by!

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