Hannah used to go go go go! until she dropped. Here she is in 2004, knocked out on the couch. This LO is the reason I recommend and love SCAL2 to my cricut buddies: even if you're only going to use it for fonts, it's fabulous! One-click shadowing! I made the title in shadowed fonts, then unshadowed and cut with patterned paper. Easy-peasy!


all paper is K&Co Classic K Margo
Fonts: Melanie BT, Cheddar Salad BTN Quill, French Script MT, Pharmacy, French111 BT


  1. this is BEYOND fabulous. I love SCAL too

  2. Awesome title! Awesome everything!

  3. I love your layout and that is the main reason I love scal also - for fonts and the easy shadowing!!!

  4. I have Scal also but I need someone to show me how to work the darn program!! I need to sit down one day and really try to figure it out I'm sure I would love it to!

  5. Lesleyanne, You do just fabulous layouts, thanks for all the ideas! Where do you buy
    Mememto Stamp Pads in Calgary?

  6. Beautiful layout, love the fonts you have used. I would love to use your matchbox svg but when I download it I cannot open it or any other of your svg's I've tried in scal2, should I be doing something else first? I tried to email you (using your email address on your profile page) but my email was returned stating dleivery failed: unknown address.
    Kim xXx